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    YONEX Aerobite Boost Badminton String 200m coil, Gray/Red

    Price:  $153.00

    Genuine Yonex AEROBITE Boost String, BG ABBT, Best control without sacrifice Repulsion Gray/Yellow COLOUR

    Made in Japan

    • It has 0.72 mm thicker Main String and 0.61 mm Thin Gauge Cross String.
    • Description: a hybrid multifilament string engineered for maximum control without sacrificing repulsion. The vertical strings are made of Vectran(tm), a super fiber more than twice as powerful as nylon. Combined with a super-thin cross string.
    • High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament, Super Fibre: Vectran (tm) (Mains only). Outer core: High Polymer Braided Nylon Fibre, Oval-Shaped (Mains only) Coating.
    • High -Intensity Multifilament Nylon. Outer core Special High Polymer Nylon Fibre.
    • Ratings - * Great repulsion (8 out of 10), * Clear hitting sound (7 out of 10), * Greatest Control (10 out of 10), * Medium Shock Absorption (7 out of 10). * Good Durability (7 out of 10),
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