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    New BabolaT RPM Hurricane (Originally Pro Hurricane) 130/16 200M Reel Tennis String, Yellow
    [RPM Hurrican]

    Price:  $179.30

    Genuine Babolat Tennis String, RPM Hurricane (Originally Pro Hurricane) 1.30 mm/16 Gauge, 200 m (660 Feet), Yellow Colour

    • Co-Polyester Monofilament
    • The octagonal structure will provide extra grip on the ball and enable you to hit more spin. You will have a heavier ball that will bounce higher!
    • Player Profile : powerful players who are physically fit and have good technique and are looking for a durable string that offers a great deal of spin
    • The RPM Hurricane string is a co-polyester monofilament string that will bring you a maximum amount of control when you hit shots at full speed. This string will allow you to hit powerful shots and keep the ball within the court as it possesses an octagonal structure. This structure will allow you to generate even more spin. By choosing a thinner gauge, you will benefit from additional power without having to change your technique or force more with your body. In order to offer a compromise between power and control, we recommend to try out different tensions (lower your tension for more power and increase your tension for more control).
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