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    Yonex Tennis String Poly Tour AIR 125 PTA 125-2, 1.25 mm, 200 m, Made in Japan

    Price:  $136.40

    Genuine Yonex Tennis String, Poly Tour AIR 125, PTA125-2, 1.25 mm/16L Gauge, 200 m (656 Feet), Sky Blue Made in Japan

    • Plushy “HR-Elastomer” built into the string enhances shock-resistance and repulsion. This allows players to hit powerful shots while reducing the impact on one’s arm.
    • Technology - Enjoy the control and durability of a polyester string that is soft, plush and easier on the arm.
    • Arm-friendly, shock absorbing soft polyester
    • Super plush feeling for effortless power.
    • Composition - Monofilament core finished with high polymer polyester blended with HR-Elastomer.
    • Stretched under controlled temperature, YONEX strings deliver greater durability, reduced fatigue and consistent repulsion
    • "I’ve been using Yonex strings for most of my life, and they are the perfect fit for me. Yonex is really good at making strings with power and control." Naomi Osaka
    • Made in Japan
    • Colour: Blue
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